An initial meet + greet ($20-$40) is required before scheduling any services. (See Below)
All Animals
Boarding +

1 Dog

Other Animals


*Addl. dogs +$5 each

** Addl caged animals +$10 Each

1 Dog

Other Animals


*Addl. dogs +$5 each

** Addl caged animals +$10 Each


(Our Home)

Pick up: 4:00-6:00p
Drop off: 8:00-10:00a

Pick up: 4:00-6:00p
Drop off: 8:00-10:00a


(Your Home)

Other animals incl.



We generally only board dogs and caged animals in our homes.  For special requests, contact us.

We can fill overnight requests in your home for all new clients, but dogs requiring boarding in our homes must have a regular walk schedule for at least two months prior to boarding services. 

Time frames can be modified between client and sitter


Includes evening walk, bedtime and morning potty break, all meals and meds within that timespan


Walks outside of times must be scheduled separately


Holiday/weekend charges apply

Boardings & Overnights 1-4 nights long: Cancellation under 72-hours requires 1st night's payment 

Boardings & Overnights 5+ nights long: 50% deposit required 7 days prior to departure or forfeiture of dates

Please read our policy page for more info about our services.


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Additional Charges That May Apply

Initial meet & greet: $20 for one staff member, $40 to meet all of us

Required prior to booking any services unless otherwise discussed


Under 12-hr scheduling: +$5/service


Under 12-hr cancellation: $10 flat-rate fee

Unless it becomes habitual, then Price of service + $10 (emergencies excluded)


Holiday services: +$5/service

See policies for list of observed holidays


Saturday/Sunday services: +$5/service 

Unless regularly scheduled (weekend services pending availability)


After regular hours: 

6:00a-8:00a: +$5/service

4:00p-10:00p: +$5/service

unless regularly scheduled, for 6a-8a & 4p-10p

10:00p-6:00a: +$15/service

After-hours services pending availability


Extended area services: 

If 5-10 miles from next closest client: +$5/service

If 10+ miles from next closest client: +$10/service 

Once we have more than you as a regularly scheduling client in your area, this upcharge falls off