An initial meet + greet ($20-$40) is required before scheduling any services. (See Below)
Cat + Other Animal Care
Home Visits
Cat + Other
Animal Care

1-2 Animals

3+ Animals

*No Meds

1-2 Animals

3+ Animals

*No Meds

15min visit



30min visit



Neither include dog walks

Add an animal visit to any dog walk:
+$5 1-2 animals, +$10 3+ animals
Regular Litter Box Scooping:
$10 for 1-3 boxes, additional boxes +$2 per box
Litter Box Deep Clean:
See Info Under Add-On Services
Small/Exotic Animal Cage Clean:
$15 per cage, you provide new substrate & cleaning supplies

Please read our policy page for more info about our services.


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Additional Charges That May Apply

Initial meet & greet: $20 for one staff member, $40 to meet all of us

Required prior to booking any services unless otherwise discussed


Under 12-hr scheduling: +$5/service

Under 12-hr cancellation: $10 

If it becomes habitual: Price of service +$10 (emergencies excluded)


Holiday services: +$5/service

See policies for list of observed holidays


Saturday/Sunday services: +$5/service 

Unless regularly scheduled (weekend services pending availability)


After regular hours: 

6:00a-8:00a: +$5/service

4:00p-10:00p: +$5/service

unless regularly scheduled, for 6a-8a & 4p-10p

10:00p-6:00a: +$15/service

After-hours services pending availability


Extended area services: 

If 5-10 miles from next closest client: +$5/service

If 10+ miles from next closest client: +$10/service 

Once we have more than you as a regularly scheduling client in your area, this upcharge falls off