Sara Freeman

Age: 28



Moundsville, WV


Current Neighborhood: 



When did you become a professional pet care provider: 2015


Where else have you worked with animals? 

I started volunteering with my local animal shelter when I was 14 years old, got hired when I was 16, and worked there for 7 years before I went to the Vet Tech Institute. After school, I’ve worked in a GP/ER practice, doing mobile spay/neuter and wellness, and with other rescue organizations.

What animals are you comfortable working with? 

While dogs are my favorite, I love all animals and have no problem with anything, from exotics to farm animals.


What animals do you currently have? 

I have two little girls, Holly and Helena, both rescue pitties.


Do you have any educational background/training/certification in pet care? 

I completed my studies at the Vet Tech Institute, have taken courses in pet CPR, and gone through several animal handling/care courses through the years.


What’s your favorite dog-walking spot? 

I don’t know that I have one favorite spot, I like to walk everywhere! 


Where do you get your pet supplies locally? 

I usually go to Petco because it’s the closest place to me but I like going to Petagogy.


Recommend any dog-friendly hangouts? 

I like taking my girls to Southern Tier Brewery on the north side, as well is Gristhouse in Millvale. Double Wide Grill in south side has a cute outdoor dog patio as well. Before the pandemic, almost every weekend my husband and I would find a new place with dog friendly seating and take the girls there.


What else do you do when not hanging out with animals? 

I enjoy going to the gym, and I’m a pretty social person so I like to hang with my friends often. I listen to music all day every day, and going to shows is probably my favorite thing to do. Most of my downtime is spent with my own dogs, their favorite activity is napping so we get quality cuddle time in.