Tori Pearson

Age: 29


Grove City, PA

Current Neighborhood:


When did you become a professional pet care provider: 2017


Where else have you worked with animals?

Rover and personal clients

What animals do you have professional experience working with?

Dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, birds, rats, mice, guinea pigs, fish, and reptiles

What animals do you currently have?

Rumi, my Shitzhu!

Do you have any training/certification in pet care?

No formal training, I have extensive hands-on learning experience from working with my own pets and other clients.  I am certified in pet first aid and CPR through the American Red Cross


What’s your favorite dog-walking spot?

The Frick and Mellon Park

Do you recommend any veterinarians?

The Big Easy, East End Veterinary Clinic, Banfield

Where do you get your pet supplies locally?

Petland in Shadyside - locally owned and only sell rescue dogs, not puppy mill dogs

Recommend any dog-friendly hangouts?

BrewDog, Arsenal Cider House, Smallman Galley

What else do you do when not hanging out with animals?

Baking for humans and dogs! Hiking, and taking naps haha