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An initial meet + greet ($20-$40) is required before scheduling any services. (See Below)

Pet transport (vet, grooming, etc.)


Pick-up/drop-off only: $10 ($15 for client ride-along)

Within city, upcharge for extended travel or both pick up and drop off


Wait with pet: $30 

Up to one hour, otherwise additional fees may be incurred




Litter Box Deep-Cleaning: $10-20 per box

We come to your house, empty litter boxes completely, scrub/disinfect/sanitize boxes and litter box area, and reset area with new litter in clean boxes. Must have a tub or utility sink or an outside hose.


You provide cleaning supplies and new litter.

House Check: $15

20 minutes - Bring in mail, open/close blinds, turn lights on/off, check premises, water plants, give text updates

No animals


Hotel Hangouts: $20/hr

For when you're in town for a special visit, or even from Pgh and just having a night away from home.  If you have your pets with you and don't want them left alone in the room, we offer room service!  We'll come to your room at any hotel and hangout with your pet to calm their nerves and enrich their vacation, as well!

(potty breaks included, longer walks addl $10/each)

Personal Assistant Errands: $25/hr 

Two hrs max / Must be current client

Pet Supplies Purchase & Delivery: $20 + cost of supplies

Food, medications, treats, toys, etc.


Brush Out: $20-30/dog

Depending on size and coat type, 1hr max, client must provide tools


Yard Clean-Up: $15+

Dog waste clean-up, depending on size of yard, 1/2 hr max


Farm Check-Ins: Prices negotiable

We are more than happy to help with your farm animals while you're out of town. Please contact us for more information.

Please read our policy page for more info about our services.


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Additonal Charges
Additional Charges That May Apply

Initial meet & greet: $20 ($10 credited to first invoice)

Required prior to booking any services unless otherwise discussed


Under 12-hr scheduling: +$5/service


Under 12-hr cancellation: 50% of service charge, 65% within timeframe, 80% if cancelled after your provider's arrival.


Holiday services: +$5/service

See policies for list of observed holidays


Saturday/Sunday services: +$5/service 

Unless regularly scheduled (weekend services pending availability)

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