Do you provide professional dog training?

While each of our providers is comfortable working with dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments, we are not professionally certified in dog training. 


We work with local trainer Rachael Whitmore, who is currently obtaining their certification through CATCH Canine Trainers Academy, as well as certification in canine behavior and technology through the Companion Animal Sciences Institute.  They also have previous experience in animal nutrition while managing Petagogy, and previously worked as an adoptions manager and temperament testing advisor at the Animal Rescue League.


 You can reach them at snoutsinthecitypgh@gmail.com.  



Do you provide professional grooming services?

We provide brush-outs for a minimal fee, but for all other grooming services we recommend Dani at the East Liberty PetsMart, 412-626-3284, ext2 (you can also follow her and her team on IG @2302groomsquad), or Greenfield Grooming, 412-421-1100. 


We do provide pet transportation services to and from all grooming appointments, whether it's with Dani, Greenfield Grooming, or another preferred groomer!



Do you ever offer any discounts?

We offer a standard 15% discount on all services for:

seniors (70+) - just let us know you qualify!

working college students

people with permanent or temporary physical disabilities barring them from caring for their animals

service animals - from your home, work, or even while you are in the hospital


$20 off next invoice to current clients for every new referral, available after 1st invoice is sent to new client.


There is also 15% off for the rest of 2021 for anyone whose pet was adopted from a shelter or other rescue this year.


Will I always have the same provider for my pets?

We can not promise that you will always have the same provider, but we CAN promise that we are all very dedicated to the health and well-being of your pets.  We take detailed notes that are accessible online by all providers when they visit your residence.  We are a small team and so are also in constant communication, and always give each other updates on our clients personally, as well.  If this is a worry, we recommend looking into our all-staff initial meet&greet so that we can all get to know you and your animal family together from the beginning.


Are all of your providers insured?

All providers working with Where Sidewalks End Pet Care are bonded and insured through the company insurance policy.  They have also all completed and are up-to-date on animal first aid and CPR certification through the Red Cross.  All providers are required to keep a copy of current driver's license, vehicle registration, and car insurance on file with Corinne, as well as a copy of their lease if they rent stating that they are allowed to house animals for boarding situations.  In addition,  a certified PA background check is run on all providers at time of contract.

Do you have a plan in place if my animal gets hurt or sick? 

We have access at all times to the veterinary information you provide to us upon hire.  We also have cultivated relationships with other local clinics in the case of an emergency when timing is especially important.  All animal care providers are certified in pet first-aid and CPR and are required to keep a pet first-aid kit on hand in their vehicles, so that we can assist your animals on the way to a veterinarian.

We built our kits ourselves after not being able to find any in-stores or online that provided all the tools we wanted to have on-hand in case of emergency - let us know if you'd like one of your own!


Any other questions? Contact us any time!

Image by Ashley Anthony