Corinne Baccanti, 


Age: 33



Worthington, PA


Current Neighborhood: 

New Kensington


When did you become a professional pet care provider: 2012


Where else have you worked with animals? 

I grew up with many kinds of animals including cats, dogs, bunnies, hamsters, and rats. I worked in a small pet store for 4 years, volunteered for several animal adoption organizations, interned in The National Aviary’s hospital ward, transported animals for the Humane Society of Western PA, worked as an offsite adoptions counselor and animal care assistant for the Animal Rescue League, and interned, volunteered, and then trained and worked as a rehabilitation assistant at the ARL wildlife center in Verona.  I also have taught many educational programs utilizing live animals for the wildlife center, as well as for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Penn State University.

What animals are you comfortable working with? 

Any and all. I handled and treated so many different types of animals through my previous jobs and internships, I can safely say I’m ready for anything at this point!


What animals do you currently have? 

Four senior cats, one corgi/lab mix, and foster cats and kittens


Do you have any educational background/training/certification in pet care? 

I have a bachelors degree from Penn State in animal bioscience/pre-veterinary studies and companion animal nutrition management with a minor in wildlife sciences, as well as a masters from Chatham in Biology with a focus in wildlife rehabilitation.  I have been formally trained in administering medication (topical/oral/subQ/IM) on a variety of animals. I also am up-to-date on my pet first aid and CPR certifications.


What’s your favorite dog-walking spot? 

Highland Park’s trails are my current spot, but I’m looking forward to checking out the Fox Chapel dog park soon!


Do you recommend any veterinarians? 

The Animal Medical Pavilion in Kittanning has been my life-long vet, they’re especially great for farm animals. I also routinely recommend Greenfield Veterinary and East End Animal Clinic in the city,  as well as the Bloomfield Cat Clinic and Greentree Animal Clinic specifically for feline friends.


Where do you get your pet supplies locally? 

Petagogy in Shadyside and Wagsburgh in the North Side


Recommend any dog-friendly hangouts? 

I hear great things about Gristhouse in Millvale, and my stylist Ashley, owner of Cosmic Heart Salon, LOVES animal visitors who come with her clients.


What else do you do when not hanging out with animals? 

I teach environmental education for the Audubon Society of Western PA, and in my true downtime I love to travel, go to shows, read a little of my extensive collection of unread books, and pet my animals because I never actually get away from that.