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I started working in the professional pet care field in 2012, and have worked for multiple companies and for myself consistently over the last decade.


I started this company with help from fellow pet care providers in the summer of 2020.  We had a slow beginning during the height of the pandemic, but we have now grown to a solid team of over 15 providers!  Everyone who works with me are friends and old co-workers, people who I would trust completely with my own animals' care, and who have shown commitment, care, and dedication in everything they've done for me and the clients of WSE Pet Care. 


Where else have you worked with animals? 

I grew up with many kinds of animals including cats, dogs, bunnies, hamsters, and rats. I worked in a small pet store for 4 years, volunteered for several animal adoption organizations, interned in The National Aviary’s hospital ward, transported animals for the Humane Society of Western PA, worked as an offsite adoptions counselor and animal care assistant for the Animal Rescue League, and interned, volunteered, and then trained and worked as a rehabilitation assistant at the ARL wildlife center in Verona.  I also have taught many educational programs utilizing live animals for the wildlife center, as well as for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Penn State University.  Most importantly, I have over a decade of experience in professional pet care in the Pittsburgh area - prior to starting this business, I honed my skills with 3 other local pet care companies over the last 10 years. 

What animals are you comfortable working with? 

Any and all. I handled and treated so many different types of animals through my previous jobs and internships, I can safely say I’m ready for anything at this point!


What animals do you currently have? 

Six cats and two senior dogs - a corgi mix and a German Shepard


Do you have any educational background/training/certification in pet care? 

I have a bachelors degree from Penn State in animal bioscience/pre-veterinary studies and companion animal nutrition management with a minor in wildlife sciences, as well as a masters from Chatham in Biology with a focus in wildlife rehabilitation.  I have been formally trained in administering medication (topical/oral/subQ/IM) on a variety of animals. I also am up-to-date on my pet first aid and CPR certifications.

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