Stephanie Trainer

Age: 35



All over - grew up in Germany, ended up in Pittsburgh at 16


Current neighborhood:

How long have worked as a pet care provider: On and off for last ten years


Where else have you worked with animals? 

Have walked dogs in NYC, London, and now Pittsburgh


What animals are you comfortable working with? 

Experience with dogs, cats, rabbits


What pets do you currently have?

I have 2 dogs and 1 cat


Do you have any educational background/training/certification in pet care? 

10 years professional training, + CPR & First Aid certficiation

Fave spot to walk dogs?

Frick Park


Dog Friendly hang outs?

Lowes (though you can't just 'hang out' there haha)


Veterinary Recommendations?

Greenfield vet clinic

Pet Supplies Recommendation?



What else do you like to do when not working?

I run a (very) small film production company  / Photography enthusiast / Hiking / Reading / Kick boxing / Gardening


Image by Diana Dima