Dani Meyers

Age: 30


Alexandria, VA

Current Neighborhood:

East Liberty

When did you become a professional pet care provider: 2006


Where else have you worked with animals?

I started working at a doggy daycare in VA when I was 16.  After that I worked at Dogtopia and then spent several years as a professional dog walker. Before moving to Pittsburgh, I also was a vet assistant at a specialty cat clinic.  I now have been groooming with PetSmart for 8 years.

What animals are you comfortable working with?

My professional experience is with cats and dogs

What animals do you currently have?

I have 3 cats and a dog - Maverick, Novice Hame, Ichabod, and Zelda!

Do you have any educational background/training/certification in pet care?

I am a certified pet stylist through PetSmart's grooming academy


What’s your favorite dog-walking spot?

Lower Frick Park

Do you recommend any veterinarians?

Banfield in East Liberty and the Big Easy Animal Hospital

Where do you get your pet supplies locally?


Recommend any dog-friendly hangouts?

Blue Slide Park

What else do you do when not hanging out with animals?

Video games, music, and binge watching Netflix