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An initial meet + greet ($20) is required before scheduling any services. (See Below)
Dog Walking
Dog Care


Potty Break

1 Dog

1 Dog (Solo)

2 Dogs

2Dogs (Solo)

*Addl. dogs +$5 each

1 Dog

1 Dog (Solo)

2 Dogs

2Dogs (Solo)

*Addl. dogs +$5 each

1 Dog

1 Dog (Solo)

2 Dogs

2Dogs (Solo)

*Addl. dogs +$5 each

















Play day: $40 

4-Hour Ride/walk along - 1 dog 

Addl dogs +$10 each | Must be dog friendly

Available between 8a & 4p weekdays, +$10 on weekends, pending availability

Please read our policy page for more info about our services.


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Additonal Charges
Additional Charges That May Apply

Initial meet & greet: $20 ($10 credited to first invoice)

Required prior to booking any services unless otherwise discussed


Under 12-hr scheduling: +$5/service


Under 6-hr cancellation: 50% of service charge prior to arrival, 65% within requested timeframe, 80% of service charge If your provider arrives before you cancel the service. 


Holiday services: +$5/service ($10/service on Thanksgiving & Christmas)

See policies for list of observed holidays


Saturday/Sunday services: +$5/service 

Unless regularly scheduled (weekend services pending availability)


After regular hours: +$5-15 per service depending on time

(all services outside regular office hours 8a-6p M-F subject to availability)

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